Prada Costabella Chair Lift

The chair lift of Prada, open in 2005 after many years of closing, connects Prada (1000 m) to Monte Baldo (1910 m). A perfect environment to walk, relax and during the winter for sky. And there is a news! You can bring with you your mountain bike! Discover more of the service Bus&Bike.

In the dedicated website you can find more information:

  • The file "Periodo_Orario_Tariffe_Seggiovia" contains the period of operation and hours of operation of the chairlift Prà Alpesina - Monte Baldo, as well as the relative prices of tickets.
  • The file "Seggiovia_Funivia" is instead reported a special promotion, translated into three languages, including the use of cable car Malcesine - Monte Baldo and chairlift Prà Alpesina - Monte Baldo. The two cableways are connected by a nature trail.

Address: Via Prada - 37010 San Zeno di Montagna (VR)

Tel:  +39 045 7285662


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