Lamberti Tower

If we had lived in Verona in the Middle Ages, we would have seen the city dotted with tall towers. Tall “towers-residences” were a visible symbol of the wealth and power of the noble families which lived in them. Only a few, however, remain today.

Piazza Erbe is dominated by the tallest of Verona’s towers, the Torre dei Lamberti, built by the powerful Lamberti Family in 1172. It belongs to a whole group of towers which rose next to the Palazzo della Ragione, is 84 metres in height and is particularly interesting as it was built “piece-meal” over the centuries. In addition to its alternating bands of tufa and brick-work, the Venetians added certain features in the 16th century and raised the tower to its present height.

The tower houses two famous bells, the Rengo and the Marangona, which kept time and regulated city life. The Marangona signalled the end of the warking day for the artisans (marangon) and also sounded the alarm in case of fire, whilst the Rengo summoned the town Council and citizens of Verona in times of war. The bells still ring during funerals. The view of the city from this tower (you can go up by stair-way and lift) is spectacular.

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