Ponte Pietra

1st century B.C.

The bridge was built over a natural ford in the river, originally in wood, and later in white and pink stone. The original roman arches can still be seen from the left bank of the Adige, as can the remnants of the Roman wall which contained the river.

The bridge collapsed several times over the ages and was rebuilt in the style of the times: the section on the Adige’s right bank dates back to the Middle Ages, with certain features added on by Alberto della Scala in 1298 (several towers, only one of them still standing and recently restored). The two main arches were renovated in 1520 during Venetian Domination.

The alternating bands of the red brick and white stone make the bridge a memorable sight, and it is the union of various architectural styles reflecting the various historical periods that makes the bridge so fascinating, together with the Castelvecchio Bridge, Ponte Scaligero.

Address: near to Via Madonna del Terraglio, 37121 Verona.

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