St. Lucy's day and Christmas Markets

Santa Lucia is coming!

It's a very popular and one of the oldest traditions in Verona, and people of all the province are involved in this event.

The legend tells...

In the XIII century, there was a terrible epidemic of "eyes ache", especially for kids.

People decided to ask for the grace of S. Lucia, with a barefoot pilgrimage up to S. Agnese Church, in the centre of the town (now Barbieri Palace). Kids didn't want to do that, so parents promised them they will receive many presents from the Saint. Kids accepted and the epidemic ended.

Still today, in the night between 12nd and 13th of December, kids wait for S. Lucia, who bring them presents riding a flying donkey.


Every year, people of all the province and many tourists celebrate the day of S. Lucia with traditional markets ("Bancheti de Santa Lusia" in Veronese) in the main square, Piazza Bra. As it's Christmas time, there is also a huge comet coming down from the top of the Arena to the square.

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