Villa dei Cedri

In Colà di Lazise, a small town in the Garda hinterland in Veneto, the discovery of hot water was an extraordinary event.

In 1989 the owners decided to dig a well to develop the irrigation system of the vast park.

At a depth of 160 metres, the surprise: a hot water table, light, low in mineral content, rich in bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, lithium, and silica (an important element in the prevention of arteriosclerosis).

The owners had a brilliant idea: to replace the water in the lake (roughly 5,000 m2) with the hot water that flowed out of the bowels of the earth at a temperature of 37 degrees, using pumps to guarantee an exchange of 3,500 cubic metres of water per day, equal to half the content of the lake.

The grotto, built at the same time as the lake as a decorative element, is a real palace of pleasure: a triumph of hydromassage, with a variety of jets of water, from above for the back and neck, from below for the feet and fingers, and from above in a light, rain-like drizzle for the face.

There are waterfalls and jets of hot water everywhere, along the edges of the lake. You're surrounded by the joyous sounds of water, gurgling and splashing, like the people playing and laughing in the water, or on the lawn before stopping for a picnic under the ancient cedar trees. You can relax on the comfortable, wood sunbeds, sinking into the white canvas.

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Address: Via Madonna, 21a - 37017 Lazise (VR).

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