Classical style furniture

The " Bassa" or southern end of Verona's Province is home to the furniture industry which specialises in the making of classical pieces.

An antique art and culture tradition in the wood manufacture for the classic interior decoration. Thanks to the quality of the fornitures that are produced here, this area is known as a Classsic Interior Decoratin Centre all over the world. The classic interior decoration exibitions are open even on sunday. Hundreds of artisan concerns produce today new fornitures in classic style from the 600 to the 900 style, and restore antique fornitures.

A highly qualified school teaches the art of wood manufacture. The Regional Professional Training Centre has its seat in Bovolone (Via Donatori Sanguw, Tel. 0457101775). The subjects are taught in the school are: carpentry, cabinet making, engraving, inlaying, polishing, varnishing, gilding and restoration.

But not only Bovolone: there are 29 villages (Comuni) in all the Verona Province, with more or less 2000 companies.

Where can I admire or by a classic forniture?

In the internal market is common the sale of the classic fornitures, with local expositions singles or in some events program.


  • September - Mostra del mobile d’arte di Cerea (Via Libertà, 57 - Cerea - VR, Tel: +39 0442 30902 - mail:
  • Woodcraft Museum - Cerea
  • Aldo Morelato Museum - Osservatorio sull’arte applicata nel mobile - in the interior of Villa Dionisi - Cerea
  • Vivi la casa in fiera - Verona fiere vetrina mobile d’arte


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