Lessinia stone

Prun stone (also known as Lessinian stone nowadays) has been quarried for centuries in the higher Negrar Valley near the ancient towns of Prun, Fane and Torbe.

The historical quarries in the village of Prun show that the economy, and above all the architectural tradition and culture, were heavily influenced by mining in the upper valley.

Extraction of "Prun Stone", better known as "Lessinia Stone", was carried out by opening up tunnels into the side of the hill. The magnificent rooms created, which are held up by impressive columns, can still be seen today.

Along with the historical centres of villages of Fane and Prun, whose buldings are all entirely built with local stone, there are also isolated exaples across the municipality's territory of Negrar, of numerous, smaller, artistic artefacts such as communal wash basins.

It exists a group, born with projects of development of territory of Lessinia, under the tourist, hand-crafted, agricultural profile. "Paesi della Pietra" Tel. +39 045 1532656 - mail: silvioantolini@hotmail.com c/o Paleontological Museum of S.Anna d'Alfaedo.

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