Local cuisine

Local cuisine

A favourable climate, fertile land, abundant natural resources and a centuries-old love for the land all combine to make the Province of Verona a “Garden of Eden”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the Vialone Nano variety of rice used to make delicious risotto along with the typical red radish (awarded D.O.P. status) of this region, the salamis (the typical Soppressa), the cheeses and dairy products of Lessinia, Lake Garda’s fish and that of the surroundings rivers, the extra-virgin olive-oil, and the vegetables (Rivoli asparagus and also that cultivated on the plain, potatoes for gnocchi, etc).

Fruit is also abundant: cherries and peaches from flowering orchards which lend the landscape its magic quality, as well as chestnuts of all types on the hill-tops, apples, pears, melon and water-melons on the plains.

And of course, last but not least the wine. Verona is top of the list of provinces which produce D.O.C. wines of the twenty-two D.O.C. wine produced in the Veneto, ten are produced on the hills of Verona and are inextricably linked to their place of origin: the wine-yards are situated along the range of hills starting from Lake Garda and stretching all the way to Val d'Alpone, near Vicenza. Included amongst the wines are the Valpolicella, the Recioto and Amarone, produced in the Valpolicella, the Soave, produced in Vicenza, the white wine of Custoza, the Lugana and Bardolino of the lake area, the Durello of Lessinia, the Arcole of the Southern Province (the "Bassa") and finally, the Valdadige wine of the fort district.

Then come the desserts: the famous "pandoro" cake and its ancestors, the star shape "nadalin", the "offella" of Bovolone, all of which grace every Veronese table at Christmas along with the "mandorlato" from Cologna Veneta, Villafranca's "sfogliatine", the Bassa's "rufioi" and finally the "san vigilini" distribuited at Garda on the 6th of January during the "rogo de la vecia" (witch's bonfire).
Not to mention the "fritole" at Carnival time, the "brassadele" (dough-nuts) and the "colomba" at Easter and Lessinia's "tortafrolla". To of it all, Lessinia's honey (also from the nearby hills of Lake Garda) truffles, Valeggio "tortellini" (and the story of love-knot)  and the famous lemon hot-house of Castello di Torri.

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Unforgettable culinary experience.

Love of land and nature makes delicious products.

Lessinia's fine cuisine is based on the quality of its natural products.

From grape varieties jealously preserved.

Earth and water mixed.