Lessinia Natural Regional Park

The Regional Nature Reserve of Lessinia instituted in 1990 covers 10.000 hectares, which are the higher plateau of the Lessinia extending to th North of Verona up to the border of the Trento province.

This land is covered by beautiful woodlands, meadows, fields, deep valleys which hide a series of interesting sites. Plans are underway to promote this territory rich in history, natural resources, interesting geological and archaeological sites as well as ethnographic, artistic and linguistic treasures of inestimable value.

This area also contains interesting prehistoric and paleontological evidence as well as geological features which are unique, for instance the spectacular Ponte di Veja, the "Covolo" of Camposilvano, the suggestive rock city of the Valley of the Sphinxes and the terrifying chasm of the "Spluga della Preta".

The fossils of fish found at Bolca in the Eastern Province testify to the fact that fifty million years ago this area was covered by the sea. Here you can also see spectacular natural features such as caves, waterfalls, natural bridges carved by the forces of Nature and much more. Discover the Museum and the Waterfalls Park.

The curious artefacts and architecture of the "Cimbrian" towns and the Prun stone of the farm- houses, churches and columns lining the street attract tourists from the Lake and Verona.

In these areas it is still possible to come across ancient trades and curious habits related to the mountain lifestyle and timeless traditions.

Address: Piazza Borgo, 52 - 37021 Bosco Chiesanuova (VR).


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