South Adige Park

The South Adige Park extends from Porto San Pancrazio to Cà del Bue.

It’s an huge natural reserve of local interest, which offers an interesting itinerary for students, teachers and families to discover the flora and the fauna of the city. A big role in this theme is covered by the “Isola del Pestrino”, an island born from the debris of the Adige and today important zone for many animal and vegetal spices.

The visit can be by bikes, by horse or simply walking.

Discover in the map one of the entrances of the park, the nearest to the centre. The park extends for more than 1 million of square meters…Follow the river and you won’t loose yourself!

Discover the itinerary in this area!

Porto San Pancrazio / Cà del Bue


Tel (Representative Comune di Verona):
045 8078666


Parco dell'Adige Sud

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