Gorgusello & Breonio

The villages of Gorgusello and Breonio are of interesting historical note because they still retain part of their original urban layouts. Ancient pebble walls, alley ways and stone houses have been preserved and in seeming indifference to the passage of time, the villages have kept a certain flavour of the past.

The ruins of the church you see before reaching Breonio are the remains of a temple built in the XIX century to replace the church of San Marziale which had become too small. Due to the earthquake in 1882 and the excessive weight of the structure, which was built on land subject to landslides, the church was never officially opened. Breonio still preserves the noteworthy San Marziale Church, built probably in the XII century, and restored to its present Gothic form in the early 1500s. The works within date from this period and include splendid frescoes by Francesco Morone and Domenico Brusasorzi, important Veronese masters at the time.

Near the church there is another historical monument, an ancient medieval fountain, discovered in 1998 by the Pro Loco of Breonio, after it had been covered over by a road in the early 1900s.

Gorgusello is about 1.5 km from Breonio.

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