Rock Carvings

The rock engravings of Lake Garda are concentrated in the Comune of Torri del Benaco and of Garda: to date at least 3000 drawings spread over 250 rocks have been catalogued. The drawings are mostly of large dimensions and achieved with bush hammering technique. As to the origin of this art the most common opinion is that it was  done by hunters and herdsmen travelling in this area, also people looking for metals (there are limonite outcrops around the “Roccia dei Cavalieri”) and flint.

Whit the retreat of the last ice age (around 10.000 B.C.) the mountains ground down by the ice provided a natural blackboard on which to draw and engrave messages still legible today. The major themes of the rock engravings of lake Garda are weapons, the human figure, animals, religious symbols (Symbols of the sun and crosses), tools, boats, geometric shapes, game patterns and finally inscriptions.

The oldest figures go back to the Bronze Age (around 1500 B.C) and the Iron Age (first millennium B.C.) but the custom of engraving on rock has lasted until nowadays providing a valuable record of our past.

To better observe the engravings we suggest to go early in the morning, and wet them with some water.

On the map you can see the starting point: the rock engravings cover a big area.

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