Scaligeri Castle of Valeggio sul Mincio

The castle of Valeggio, situated on tall spurs overlooking the River Mincio, bears the typical characteristics of a Della Scala castle, even if it was most probably built on a pre-existing structure.

The Scaligeri family realised its strategic importance and erected a castle featuring the typical massive walls, square towers, battlemented keep, draw-bridge and passage guarded by a tower which is shorter than the others.

The castle is linked to the town of Borghetto, originally surrounded by a wall to enable the defenders to control the river. To the east it was linked to the “serraglio Scaligero”, a defensive system of walls which included Valeggio, Villafranca and Gerla, the original site of a small fortress.

The castle was in full use right up to 1500, after which it was abandoned once it had lost its strategic importance.

Representative: CTG El Vessinel

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