Fumane Cave

Fumane was inhabited since prehistoric times, as shown by the archaeological sites of Grotta di Fumane (Fumane Cave), discovered in 1964 by Giovanni Solinas.

An Accumulation of more than 10 meters of sediment has yield flint tools, ornaments and many other prehistorical instruments. Substantially, the discoveries made in the cave of Fumane show the progressive and rapid development from Neanderthal (Middle Palaeolithic) to Sapiens Sapiens (Late Paleolithic), a unique testimonial of this kind. Exceptional are also the cave paintings in red ochre found on fragments of rock fallen from the roof of the cavern, dating from about 35.00 years ago, the most ancient in Europe.

The cavern is situated along the road leading to Molina.

In Roman times, Fumane was one of the most important centres of the “Pagus Arusnatium”, a district of Valpolicella inhabited by a very ancient local tribe with its own independent government.

Address: Località Valsorda, Via Val del Progno, 37022 Fumane (VR).

Opening hours: it is possible to visit the cave only after booking contacting: info@grottadifumane.eu


Classical visit (about 1 hour)

  • 80,00€  (less than 11 people)
  • 7,00€  (for person in groups from 12 to 25 people)

Visit "Special Sundays in the cave"

  • 7,00€: Normal
  • 5,00 €: Reduced for children, students and teachers
  • Free: Less than 6 years old

www.valpolicellaweb.it - http://grottadifumane.eu/en/

For more info:
Iat Valpolicella, Via Ingelheim 7 – 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR) – Telefono e Fax 0457701920.


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