Villa Della Torre

Along the road to Mazzurega, you can see Villa Della Torre, a construction built in harmony with the surrounding countryside. This villa is an original example of Venetian Renaissance architecture, among the finest in the province of Verona.

Towards the middle of the XVI century the villa was the centre of Veronese culture and wordly life, hosting illustrious persons such as Michele Sanmicheli, who pheraps designed the villa. Later abandoned and plundered of most of its decorations, it regained prestige in the hands of Girolamo Cazzola who started some capillary works of restoration, continued by his descendants.

Villa Dell Torre is now open to the visitors who can see the park, the chapel and the halls what preserve perhaps its most important architectural elements such as the impressive majestic fireplaces in the four rooms on the round floor, sculptured in terrifying masks representing mythological figures.

Address: Via della Torre, 25 - 37022 Fumane (VR)

Opening hours: open after booking from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday: if possible.

€ 10.00

: 045 6832070

: 045 7701774


For more info
: Iat Valpolicella, Via Ingelheim 7 – 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR) – Telefono e Fax 0457701920.


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