Villa Santa Sofia

It is located in Pedemonte and it was built in different stages between 16th and 18th century, without being completed. In addition to Michele Sanmicheli, also Andrea Palladio took part in the project.

Initially, it was inhabited by Earls Serego Alighieri, who had a villa also in Gargagnago; then it has been bought by Earls Campostrini, who gave it the name Santa Sofia, using the name of the chapel outside the walls.

The horseshoe building has two floors and it is supported by imposing yellow-tuff columns. The park was reduced in size during the last century in order to leave space to the village for urban expansion.

Address: Via Cà Dedè 61 - Fraz. Pedemonte - San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Opening hours of the wine cellar:
Monday-Friday 09.30-11.45; 14.30-17.30 – Saturday-Sunday closed.  Closed on august. It’s better to book in advance.

it’s required a contribution.



For more info:
Iat Valpolicella, Via Ingelheim 7 – 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR) – Telefono e Fax 0457701920.


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