Information about Tourist Charter

In this booklet you will find useful information to help you enjoy your stay in the province of Verona. You will also find specific commitments related to those aspects of quality which are considered important by the tourists in our area. The promotion of the tourists’ and visitors’ satisfaction through our commitment towards constant improvement is a basic principle of our administration.

The Tourist Charter represents a fundamental stage of this process, in the belief that "more informed and aware tourists can actively contribute to improving
the service for themselves and for others".

Provincia di Verona for tourism

This Tourist Charter was written on the basis of the suggestions of people who sojourned in the province of Verona before you, so please feel free to report any integration you deem necessary.

The Tourist Charter considers the network of the Tourist Information Centres (IAT) as the ideal place where tourist can receive information and assistance.

Download the Tourist Charter you find attached!


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