General information

Since 2008 November 15th all buses, before entering in Verona, have to buy a entry ticket called VERONA ZTL BUS PASS.

It is available in different prices (€55 - €30 - €15 and free entry pass) and allows the bus to enter the city and to drop off and pick up passengers (stopping time limited to 15 min). Park is not included.

Buses that enter in ZTL Area without pass, will pay a fine and the adjustment of the PASS to € 300.00.

See Discounts and Exemptions.

For more information visit the AMT web site.

AMT Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti
Via F. Torbido, 3/A - 37133 VERONA
Telephone +39 0452320025
Fax +39 0452320010


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