Verona Bike Sharing

Verona Bike is Verona's new easy, practical and environmentally friendly Bike Sharing service. Designed to promote user mobility, Verona Bike is more than just a simple bike rental service: it's an actual public transport system that residents can use for short trips (up to 2 hours) alongside the traditional ATV bus system.

Verona Bike stations are installed around Verona's main strategic locations: train station, university, hospital, car parks, tourist attractions, local government offices, and shopping and business areas.

Types of subscriptions:

  • Daily: 2 €
  • Weekly: 5 €
  • Monthly: 10 €
  • Annual: 25 + 5 €

(Prices for registration. More costs can be charged depending on the use).

To subscribe the Verona Bike Sharing is necessary a credit card; you can register on-line, buy phone (Toll-free number 800 89 69 48) or at Verona Tourist Board.

More information about costs, map of the stations and conditions of use at Verona Bike Sharing.

Categoria: Travel
Tel: 800.89.69.48 (da Italia) - +39 (0)2 45467898 (da E

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