Bardolino Wine Route

There are various kinds of Bardolino wine – the Classico, Chiaretto, Novello and Superiore, all of which are the perfect accompaniment to any dish. It is best served straight from the cellar at 15-16°C. The label features the smiling face of San Zeno, Verona’s dark-skinned Patron Saint. It was St. Zeno who described, in great detail, how to cultivate grapes in order to obtain the best wine. Bardolino D.O.C. wines are produced in the Costermano and Affi areas. The soil is morainic and is, in part, composed of the deposits caused by river and glacial erosion. The wine is produced using the following grapes varieties: Corvina 35-65%, Rondinella 10-40%, Molinara 10-20% and Negrara types up to 10%.

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