Badia Calavena

Thanks to its mild climate, Badia Calavena, situated 470 metres above sea level, is a heaven for nature lovers and for all those who appreciate fine cuisine, folklore, sacred art and local traditions. Its name is derived from the famous monastery which crowns the colle S. Pietro: the "Badia" of Calavena.

Walking amongst the churches and houses of Badia Calavena, one often comes across frescoes dedicated to our Lady, votive columns, wrought iron-work and wood-work (industries practised here for centuries).

Must-see in Badia Calavena

  • Maffei Abbey: monastery. Complex with a 14th century cloister and Parish church.
  • Trombini museum at San Bartolo delle montagne. (920 m a.s.l.)
  • Medicinal herbs, nature walks and health spa at the Erbecedario della Lessinia at Sprea.


The truffles of the area are delicious as well as the chestnuts and cherries picked here. The area is also renowned for the cultivation of medicinal herbs as well as its snails, known as "bogone". These snails (from the sant'Andrea area of Badia) are an essential ingredient in many of the area's traditional recipes. Don't miss the polenta with snails and the ancient "Snail Festival" held here.

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  • Badia Calavena: 2nd Sunday in June - Ancient Abbey Festival.
  • Festa del Pistoniere: 1st Sunday in June , folkloristic event featuring the firing of the traditional "trombini". 
  • Sant'Andrea: Ancient snail (Bogoni) Festival, 30th Novembre/ 1st Sunday in decemver: the oldest snail market in Italy.
  • Sprea: Medicinal Herbs Festival, 2nd Sunday in September.
  • Sprea: traditional procession in honour of St. Roch, commemorating the end of 1630 plague.  Last Sunday in July.

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Courious details

A monument in the shape of a huge snail welcomes the visitor at Sant'Andrea. The "pistonieri" firing their huge "trombini" are unforgettable sight. For more information go to "Folklore and traditions".

Our land

From grape varieties jealously preserved.

Imposing villas tucked away into hills.