This small town situated in the Eastern section of the Province is named after the "Calidaria" (Latin for "hot -springs") situated in this area and known since Roman times. The hot-springs are now part of the "Terme di Giunone", a splendid healter spa set in an immense park not far from the city.

During Venetian domination the town became a fashionable health resort for the aristocrats of the time. After the Austrians were defeated by the French in 1796, it is said that the French soldiers bathed their wounded horses in the semi-circular thermal pool in an attempt to cure them, hence the pool's name "Bagno della Cavalla". This thermal  pool produces hot water at a temperature of 27°C. The main thermal pool is the "Bagno della Brentella", which produces water at a temperature of 30°C. the latter used to be the women's pool and is surrounded by a wall.

Don't miss the 19th century Parish church in the old town, as well as: Villa Prato, inherited by the town council in 1946 Ca' Rizzi, dating back to the 16th century and restored in the 1700's, and to the north of the town, the small Romanesque church of S. pietro in colle with its 14th century frescoes.

Our land

From grape varieties jealously preserved.

Imposing villas tucked away into hills.