Monteforte d'Alpone


The Romans probably gave it its name, because it was used as a defence for the Via Postumia: later in the X century, a castle was built as a defence against the hungarians, and on the few remains of this castle we find the church of St. Antonio Abate, patron of the town. Until the napoleonic times it remained under the bishops of Verona's jurisdication.

For those who arrive from the provincial road, the first glance of the town is quite surprising: a group of houses spread out in a very green hollow, dappled in spring with the delicate white of the almond and cherry tree blossoms.

Given its position, also today the main economic resource is agriculture and in particular wine growing and producing, to which industries, mainly textile, have joined in.

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  • Santa Croce Church
  • Cappucini Church
  • Sant'Antonio Abate Church
  • Palazzo Vescovile
  • Villa Tessari
  • Contrada Rubian

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Our land

From grape varieties jealously preserved.

Imposing villas tucked away into hills.