The medieval town of Soave is totally surrounded by walls which slope down from the castle, and it is surrounded by vine-yards which produce the famous Soave wines.

The area has been settled since the stone Ages, became a "pagus" in Roman times, and its historical centre was built by the Hohenstanfen family after the invasion of the Longobards in 568 A.D.

The town on account of its strategic position became the victim of much civil strife, and it is for this reason that it now boasts battlemented walls with twenty-four towers and a splendid castle standing guard over the surrounding hills and plains.

For a "foretaste" of the delicious Soave wines, go to the sections dedicated to the area's cuisine and cellars. Go along the "Soave Road", winding your way through vineyards, cellars, restaurants and historical monuments. (

Must-see in Soave

  • Soave's castle -  typical medieval military structure
  • Palazzo di Giustizia (Hall of Justice) - this 14th century structure rises in Piazza Antenna
  • Palazzo Cavalli - built in 1411 by Nicolò Cavalli "captain of the People"
  • Scaliger Palace - 14th century building which stands near Porta Aquila
  • The counts of San Bonifacio's Palace - 13th century
  • Palazzo Moscardo, 18th century
  • Palazzo Pollici (now Palazzo Pieropan)
  • Church of the Dominicans - not far from Piazza Antenna
  • St. George's church - built in 1200 by the Franciscans
  • Church of the Bassanella - housing sculptures, frescoes and numerous relics
  • Cathedral - with numerous fine paintings and a recently restored organ (dated 1889)

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Iat Soave - Est Veronese

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From grape varieties jealously preserved.

Imposing villas tucked away into hills.