The land

The municipality of Dolcè is located on the eastern side of the Valdadige, with the Adige River flowing by on its western border, and continues up to the border of the Trent province. In the past, it was the first Italian town on the road down from the Brenner towards Verona, and for this reason it has always played a strategic role as a checkpoint for people and goods. In the Middle Ages the town of Dolcè was called Dolcetum whose suffix -etum means woods. The town also includes the hamlets and villages of Ceraino, Ossenigo, Peri and Volargne.


Winemaking within the municipality plays an important part in the local economy, especially in the "Terradeiforti" valley, but also for the Veneto province in general. Two indigenous grapes are grown here: Enantio and Casetta. They make excellent red wines and carry the Terradeiforti Valdadige DOC label. But the climate is also ideal for other important white grapes, including Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.

Marble and the economy

The Municipality of Dolcè represents one of the most important industrial places in the world for the production of marble, granite and other aggregates. Volargne is one of the main centres of production of Veronese stone, and as such hosts the Centro Servizi per il Marmo (Marble Service Centre), the local branch of the Marble and Stone District of the Veneto province.


  • The lock of Ceraino
  • Villa del Bene
  • Sant'Andrea Church
  • The Fort of Ceraino


  • All summer long: Estate a Dolcè, series of travelling shows with music, theatre, cabaret and dance.
  • May: last weekend of May/first of June, Storia e sapori tra borghi e castelli.
  • June: second weekend, Festa San Luigi; third Sunday, Bande in Piazza; second last weekend, Festa d'estate Volargne.
  • August: first weekend, Antica sagra dei peri.
  • September: last weekend, Concorso Nazionale di pittura estemporanea.
  • October: third Sunday, Adigemarathon Terradeiforti Canoe-Kayak-Rafting.
  • December: 26, Da Nadal a Santo Stefano concert.

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