Marano di Valpolicella

The land

The valley of Marano is located in the heart of the "Valpolicella Classico" zone. The municipality is nestled between the valleys of Fumane to the west and Negrar to the east. Northward lies Val Sorda with its grottos, and at its southern extreme, San Floriano.

The name Marano derives from the ancient word "Marianu", which seems to refer to a celebration of the memory of Caio Mario, a Roman console who had a castle erected on Monte Castelon, as a defensive stronghold against the Cimbrian population.

The villages and the hablets are clusters of houses and courtyards which are located around the old churches, an unmistakeable trace of a population which not so many years ago was wholly dedicated to agriculture.

Apart from the chief town of Marano di Valpolicella, the municipality also comprises the main residential areas of Valgatara, Prognol, Pezza, S. Rocco, Purano and Mondrago.

Stars under the vineyards

The special geographical position and land formation, the primarily calcareous and clayey and soil, and the experience gained during the years of the "artisans of the earth", have all combine to make the valley of Marano an ideal terroir for cultivating grapes, cherries and olives.

Between autumbn and winter, the mild climate facilitates the drying of the grapes in special drying rooms, a process which must take place gradually and continually in order to create quality Recioto and Amarone.

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  • San Marco al Pozzo Church
  • Santa Maria in Valverde Church
  • Parish Church of Marano di Valpolicella
  • San Giorgio di Purano Church
  • Coalo del Diaolo (grotto)
  • Buso stretto (grotto)

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