The land

Nestled in among the hills and bordered by a wide "Progno" or torrent, Negrar is in the eastern part of Valpolicella and extends north towards the Lessinia mountains.

Man's presence here since prehistoric times is testified to by the "castellieri", cortified villages dating back to the Copper and Bronze Ages. In Roman times, the area belonged to the Pagus of the Arusnati, while an inscription found here dedicate to Jupiter proves that the Romans also lived in the valley. Under Austrian dominion, Negrar became a municipality.

The name Negrar seems to derive from late Latin "Nigrariu", "te land with the black earth".

Land of wines

Faithful to its traditions, Negrar specializes in the production of cherries, as well as grapes, the basis for Valpolicella Classico DOC, Recioto Classico DOC and Amarone Classico DOC wines.

Discover more in the section "Local wines and cellars".

Land of writers

The family of Emilio Salgari (1862-1911) not only had property in the city of Verona, but they also possessed a large area of land in Negrar, int he hamlet called "Tomenighe di Sotto". The famous novelist spent long periods of his childhood and youth in Valpolicella. In 2006 the Municipality of Negrar, in collaboration with other entities and with the "Comitato Salgariano", instituted the "Emilio Salgari Prize for Literature". This is a national biennal competition that aims at promoting adventure literature.


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