Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella

The land

The village lies at the intersection of roads for Verona and Trento, and it is famous for its vineyards, and for its marble and marble-related companies.

Ancient populations that lived here include the Arusnati, an Etruscan people that made San Giorgio a centre of religious activity and the nearby town of Fumane an administrative centre.

In 1700, the celebrated historian, Scipione Maffei, found two stones that revealed the presence of this population who would form a community called pagus Arusnatium, over which, in subsequent ages, the Romans would ensure their independence.

Sant'Ambrogio was already known for its mining and stone-working activity in Roman times, and this activity has continued to proper over the centuries, to make it the most important centre of production in the Valpolicella area.

Marble and the school of marble

The Municipality of Sant'Ambrogio and its mining and stone-working industries are part of the "Verona Marble District". From the historical limestone rock of the village of Monte, prestigious marble of the Valpolicella is still mined today, including Bronzetto, Rosso Ammonitico, Rosso Broccato, Pink Coral and Nembro.

Sant'Ambrogio's School of Marble originated in 1836: the only school of its kind in Italiy, it awards special techincal diplomas in artistic stone working by hand and in the use of avant-garde technological machinery for working with stone.

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Traditional products

Of particular importance to the area is the cultivation of olives for the production of Valpolicella Extre Virgin Olive Oil, with its delicate, slightly bitter, fruity flavour, intense scent and golden colour with green highlights.

Also worthy of note is the production of well-known wines such as Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso, Recioto, Amarone.

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(9.112 inhabitants, 23,50 kmq area)
Hamlets: Gargagnago, San Giorgio, Domegliara, Ponton.



  • February: Carnealon de Domeiara (Carnival), Domegliara.
  • March: (Easter Period) Easter Sagra and town square artists' festival, Sant'Ambrogio. (Last Sunday) Antique auto/motorcycle and spare parts show, Sant'Ambrogio.
  • April: (end of the month) Zughi en piassa (Antique games exhibition), San Giorgio. (Easter Period) Easter Sagra and town square artists' festival, Sant'Ambrogio.
  • May: (End of the month) Festa della comunità (Town festival), Domegliara.
  • June: (second weekend) Cherry Festival, Gargagnago.
  • July: (end of the month) Sagra del Bion, Ponton.
  • September: (fist weekend) La Settembrina (Wine and food festival), Gargagnago.
  • November: (second Sunday) Festa de le fae (Town fair), San Giorgio.
  • December (weekend december 8) Culinary show and oil palio, Sant'Ambrogio.

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