Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo

Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo covers the highest part of Valpolicella and it is bordered on the norgh by the imposing Cordno D'Aquilio (a peak).

The term "Alfaedo" seems to come from the Latin word "fagetum" (beechwood), since in the past here there were beechwoods.

Evidence of human presece in the territory date back to 120.000 years ago, but also testimonies belonging to more recent periods have been found here, such as Bronze and Iron Age dwellings. As testified by the discovery in the hamlet Cona of Roman coins and of two third-century Roman tombs, Sant'Anna was occupied as well by the Romans, who exploited it for mountain grazing. In 1404 it passed under the control of Venetians  and during the two following centuries it was affected by a plague that halved the population. In 1820 the Austrians united the current municipalities and, after the annecation of Veneto to Italiy in 1866, the municipal office was finally movet to Sant'Anna.

(2.462 inhabitants, 43,72 kmq area)
Hamlets: Ronconi, Cerna, Fosse, Giare and Vaggimal.


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