Valpolicella: local produce & handicraft

Valpolicella - Home of traditional flavour

The Province of Verona is, in the culinary sense, a treat for the palate.

Exploring the places of interest and the artistic treasures of the territory is to capture the essence of this land, whilst at the same time enjoying all the culinary delights this territory has to offer.

And whilst you are doing this, allow youself to be pleasantly surprised by the sudden sight of a church, a castle, a waterfall park or a luxurious villa. Many farms, run along very professional lines, are the custodians of the area's cuisine and from the hills of Valpolicella to those of Soave and right up to Lake Garda area, open their doors to all.

But let's begin with the celebrated wines:

The particular characteristics of the soil and mild climate encourage the cultivation of the vine and the production of excellent wines whose fame goes back in time. The wines produced on these hills were known and appreciated since Roman times and are now world-renowned: light, white table wines or even rich, red, full-bodied wines, superior wines and old, nature wines are all part of Bacchus' repertoire. Their fame is of course linked to the D.O.C. status of these wines. Go to wine pages in "Taste & Tradition".

Our land

Elegant residences and italian-style gardens.