Valpolicella: palaces & villas

Once the rule of della Scala Family had ended, the Venetian Republic took great pains to invest capital in the agricultural sector. Noble families started to pour their capital in to farming ventures, and since these old farms had to reflect the social status of their rich owners, they were gradually transformed into marvellous villas filled with statues, marble interiors and frescoes. This phenomenon gives rise to the Age of the Venetian Villa, which lasted from the 15th to the 148th century.

The villasbecame fully-functioning farms, some of them still operational today, as well as country houses where the aristocrat enjoyed the peace and quiet of country-side.

The most famous designer of Venetian Villas is, of course A. Palladio, whose Villas are an elegant, restrained version of the principles of classical architecture which started to re-appear in the late middle-Ages.

These Renaissance Villas, situated in settings of exquisite beauty, are surrounded by lush parks and gardens and bear the coat of arms of their former owners, some of whose descendants still live in these villas today.

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