Brenzone sul Garda

Brenzone consists of about fifteen small "contrade", all ideal for walks. Along Lake Garda's shore-line you'll find Castelletto, Magugnano (the municipality of the area) Porto and Assenza. Further you'll see Biasa, Fasor, Marniga and further on, Campo, a fascinating medieval village, in short , a series of villages in which more than forty hotels, tens of camping-sites and various residences all immersed in olive-groves cater to the tourists' every need. Here, in the old towns and along the age-old pathways suspended above the lake, time seems to have stood still. On the lake amateurs and international champions are busy sailing or wind-surfing in what is justly considered one of the world's "hot spots" for the leisure activities.

Brenzone not only boast a lake, but also its mountains, one of its "contrade", Prado, actually being situated in the very heart of Monte Baldo. From the Riviera rise numerous tracks used through ages by herdsmen and wood-cutters, and which lead from the olive-groves right up to the chestnut-woods on the mountain-side. Going up the mountain by cable-car (Prada - Costabella tract) is a memorable experience.

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Lake Garda: active holiday in a huge park district. Adrenaline or nature?


Lake Garda. Oasis of peace and wellness on Verona's doorstep.