Lazise is justifiably proud of its past, since it was one of the first towns in italy to be granted independence by Emperor Otto II more than a thousand years ago in 983. Testifying to its splendid  medieval past there are magnificent castle and fortified walls encircling the old town center crammed with shops, restaurants and bars.

In its small port you can find the Customs House from which Venice controlled lake Garda's trade for centuries, it was near here that Venice's fleet was anchored: to prevent the fleet from falling into enemy hands, the commander ordered the ships to be sunk and they are still resting at the bottom  of the lake.

At Pacengo, a tranquil lakeside town in the Lazise area, there are also the submerged remains of a large, prehistoric village of pile-dwellings. And this area, since prehistoric time, was a cross-roads for travellers and merchants alike: the famous "amber-road" passed through here. Lazise put at the tourist's disposal about forty confortable hotels, ten well equipped camping-sites, as well as sporting facilities of all kinds, concerts and fine cusine.

Culinary specialities

Fresh fish from the lake, extra-virgin olive-oil and wines (the Bardolino wine is produced here, as well the Bianco di Custoza and Lugana not far from here) are the basis of the riviera's typical cuisine. Lazise boast many restaurants - its tench risotto and grilled fish dishes are famous.

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Shopping in the many boutiques, wine and arts craft shops lining the medieval streets is fun. Wine and olive oil can be bought and even tasted directly from the producer's presses and cellars.

Cultural events

  • The Venetian customs house and the Scaligeri castle host prestigious concerts, such as the renowned "Lazise notte classica" (classical and opera music).
  • Lazise hosts the international Bee-keeper's Exhibition every two years.

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The small Romanesque church of San Niccolò behind the Custom House and next to the port contains 14th century frescos: its façade features a niche, containing a fresco of Our Lady (13th century) and there are many splendid country-houses at Lazise, Colà and Pacengo.

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