Pastrengo and the nearby towns of Pol and Piovezzano, lies in the hill district situated in Garda's morenic basin, between the lake and the Adige. The country-side is dominated by vine-yards, olive -grove and orchards, as well as oak-woods. Cypress-crested hills, on which military outposts and churches were built, stand guard over the lake and the adige river valley.

Famous for the "charge" of the carabinieri in 1848, Pastrengo (the world is longobard in origin and refers to the area's fields and pastures) is also known for its interesting Nature reserve, Parco Natura Viva, home to many species of european and exotic animals. The area has few hotels, but many famous restaurants at your service.

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Lake Garda: active holiday in a huge park district. Adrenaline or nature?


Lake Garda. Oasis of peace and wellness on Verona's doorstep.