Torri del Benaco

Torri del Benaco is blessed with the mildest of climates, and is home to the olive tree, whose groves spreads right down to its beaches. In its lush woods, where ilexes and oaks grow, you will find the "cistus albidus", which normally grows only along coastal regions. A view of Torri del Benaco from the lake is unforgettable; all you need do to enjoy this view, is take the ferry which goes back and forth from one end of the lake to the other.

The old town with its medieval street is wedged between the scaligeri Castle and the elegant parish church; the small port is flanked by Venetian palaces, and here and there amongst the olive-groves, you can catch a glimpse of old towns and solitary churches. This atmosphere, and a friendly and sincere welcome, greets the tourist in the more than forty hotels, residences and camping-sites of Torri, Pai and Albisano. Pai is on the lake, literally "knee-deep" in a sea of olive-groves, whilst the old town is perched on a knoll. Albisano, on the hill-tops, is a fresh and lush balcony overlooking the sky-blue waters of Lake Garda.


Lake Garda is a haven for sailing and wind-surfing enthusiasts (with its clubs and schools). A specialised scuba-diving centre is at your disposal here (there is even an underwater nativity-scene which you can visit) and you can go up to the hills and Monte Baldo by mountain bike. Discover more in the section "Activities & Wellness".

The Castle

The scaligeri Castle of Torri del Benaco houses an interesting museum dedicated to local traditions (fishing and olive industry in particular). One section is dedicated to the prehistoric rock engravings in the area. The 18th century lemon-tree hot-house (limonara) can also be visited here. Discover more in "Castle of Torri del Benaco".

Natural walks

The area provides ample opportunity for this activity-you can walk through the woods and olive-groves, along the "strada dei castei" for example, or towards Crer; you can even take the path through the Albisano woods and go up to Pai and San Zeno di Montagna. Discover more in "Nature and landscape".

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