Valeggio sul Mincio

Like the beautiful  town of Borghetto, Valeggio was founded near an old ford on the river Mincio, less than 10 km from lake garda. It has always been a kind of cultural and commercial "cross-roads" where travellers over the ages have always found a place to rest and cordial hospitality, along with good food and wine.

Valeggio still cherishes this tradition, as evidenced by its renowned tortellini and its famous "love-knot" fest. The history of this area is written in the bloody conflicts of the past (it was situated along the Lombard border) and in the fortresses which still dot the country-side.

Between the 13th centuries the imposing "castello" (castle) was built, along with the battlemented walls (which surround the picturesque mill-town of Borghetto) and the famous Serraglio line and dam/bridge of the Visconti. Valeggio was caught up in the  Napoleonic wars (sacked in 1800) and witnessed the slaughter (near Custoza) of the Italian Risorgimento.


  • The bastion of the Scaligeri: the castle dominates the whole of the Mincio valley
  • Visconti Bridge: an extraordinary fortified dam, built in 1393
  • Sigurtà Gardens: one of the five most beautiful gardens in the world
  • Palazzo Guarienti: the country-house of the Marquis Guarienti Parish church of San Pietro in cattedra
  • Borghetto: situated in the Mincio's river valley is a breathtaking sight. 

Discover the famous "Tortellini" of Valeggio sul Mincio in the section "Taste & Tradition".

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