The gateway to Lake Garda.

The territory offers several naturalistic sites. They represent the ideal starting points of many excursions such as Monte Moscal, a magnificent rock that dominates this area, the morainic amphitheater of Rivoli that is evidence of the glacial phase that modeled the territory of Affi during the Quaternary period, or Valsorda, which drops down from Incaffi to Bardolino on Lake Garda.

Affi also boasts a rich cultural heritage and evidences of ancient settlements with traces from every epoch. Roman settlements were founded on preceding rhetic fortified villages and then developed into construction of farming villas where ex-legionnaire patricians and former soldiers resided and, with the help of slaves, dedicated themselves to growing grapes and olives.

Affi was devastated several times until followed a period of peace during Venetian domination, which lasted until 1797, when the courtyards of Affi where populated by craftsmen and traders. Many families of landowners and nobility purchased new lands and build residences and townhouses according to city fashion with special architectural decorations and elements.

Churches are also worth a mention.


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Lake Garda: active holiday in a huge park district. Adrenaline or nature?


Lake Garda. Oasis of peace and wellness on Verona's doorstep.