The Lake and its unique cuisine

Visiting the lake can also be an unforgettable culinary experience.

Try the unique cuisine of this area which is a blend of "alpine" and "mediterranean" ingredients.

The fairs and village feasts of the district offer the best cuisine this area has to offer, accompanied, of course, by the finest of the region's wines.

These dishes are to be savoured slowly and the wines whet both the body as well as the mind- all of this to be enjoyed in a splendid natural setting.

Visit the site entitled Enjoy in order to discover the Lake's typical products:

- Fish
- Olive oil
- Wines
- Tortellini of Valeggio ( "The Love Knot")

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Lake Garda: active holiday in a huge park district. Adrenaline or nature?


Lake Garda. Oasis of peace and wellness on Verona's doorstep.