Bosco Chiesanuova

With its 3000 inhabitants, Bosco Chiesanuova is one of Lessinia most important boroughs. Like all the other towns in the area, it offers even the most exacting tourist a wide range of activities. Up to date hotels, apartments and holiday homes provide accommodation all year round, offering nature walks, excursions or horse-riding in the summer, or even skiing and ice-skating (in a modern ice-rink) in the winter months. Not far from here you'll find interesting ski-trails.

The local restaurants offer fine traditional cuisine: the delicious "Monte Veronese" cheese, the gnocchi "sbatui" dressed with melted butter and the smoked ricotta or "poina fumà", just to mention a few. Visit the section "Taste & Tradition".

Picturesque squares, surrounded by balconies overflowing with geraniums in summer or snow-capped roof-tops in winter, welcome the tourist.

In the lower section of the town you will find the 15th century church of St. Margaret, whilst in the town square there stand the modern Parish church and not far from there, the Etnographic Museum. The museum offers the visitor a "snap-shot" of lessinian life past and present, and by visiting it, one gets an accurate portrait of this region's people.

Two places which feature prominently in the traditional life of the area are the "baito" where cheese is made and the "giassàra", a structure where ice is stored.

On the road to Erbezzo, about 1.5km from Bosco Chiesanuova, you'll find the "baito della colletta". Built in 1729, this rectangular structure still features the two original rooms where cheese have been produced over the centuries, that of the "fogo" (fire) and the "logo del late" where you can admire the original utensils for cheese and butter making. On the road to San Giorgio, about 4km from the centre of Bosco Chiesanuova, you'll find the "Giassara del Griez" where, sice 1870, ice was stored and then sold to various area in the Pianura Padana.

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