Roverè Veronese

Roverè Veronese is a town of ancient origins. The earliest traces of a human presence in the region date back to the Paleolithic Age and many findings were discovered even in the following epochs up to the Iron Age.

The town was also one of the first Veronese villages to receive the Cimbri population after the edict issued by Bartolomeo della Scala (1287).

The kast terrains in the area are characterized by many caves and natural cavities, like the Cave of Monte Capriolo in Roverè Mille.

North of the town the ski resort of Conca dei Parpari (1400m asl.) is today a well-known winter sport tourist destination and starting point for fascinating excursions.


  • San Nicolò Church
  • San Rocco di Piegara Church
  • San Vitale Church


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