Baldo: Local produce and handicraft

The love af the land and centuries of living in harmony with nature, have turned the cheese-making industry of the Monte Baldo region into a fine art. The best milk, produced by healthy animals laying in uncontaminated pastures rich in medicinal herbs and flowers, make this cheesproduced in the typical "malghe" really special.

Herds of cows, flocks of grazing sheepand the cheese-maker all greet the visitor, who will then be able to taste the delicious "caciotta" and the area best milk, as well as honey and big chestnuts. For the more patient visitor, this region also offers trips during which one can pick mushrooms, truffles and medicinal herbs.

Visit the site entitled "Taste & Tradition" to find out about the typical products of Verona's mountain district:

Our land

An exceptional open-air Recreational centre.

Love of land and nature makes delicious products.

From Earth to the sky, only uncontaminated nature.