Rivoli Veronese

This town lies in a natural semi-circle of hills, (morainic amphitheatre) made up of natural terraces which gradually slope down towards the Adige (Val Lagarina). This natural amphitheatre, which is particularly spectacular when seen from the Rocca di Rivoli, was formed by the erosive action of a glacier which stretched (until 15000 years ago) from the Adige Valley towards the plain. The amphitheatre is made up of porphyry rock, green rocks, limestone, sand-rock and clay soils.

The name "Rivoli" refers to the great battle which the young Napoleon fought here against the Austrians in 1797: there is a famous avenue in Paris connecting the Louvre with Place de la Concorde bearing the same name (Rue de Rivoli).

Rivoli's rich historical heritage, together with its location (near Monte Baldo and the Riviera) makes it ideal for nature and history lovers - its prime attractions are the Napoleonic museum, napoleon monument, the Fort, the "palazzi" and the typical "corti" where farm-life formerly took place.

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