Plain: local produce

The variety of Veronese rice, namely "Vialone Nano" is a food you cannot forget tasting during a lunch or a dinner in Verona, above all if your resort place is the Plain.
The rice here is well-known and considered  the king of this territory. Here people taste rice in a greedy dish, the "Risotto all'Isolana": its recipe comes from Isola della Scala. It is prepared and served in so many different ways that you won't get tired and you will taste it again and again, with the "Red Radicchio", with "tastasal"or with asparagi from Arcole, with meat…

Making sweets is a rooted tradition here.The "Ofella" from Bovolone is the "ancestor" of the renowned "Pandoro" at Christmas time and the delicious "sfogliatine"of Villafranca, together with the white Mandorlato from Cologna Veneta…

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