Witnesses of prehistoric life are dated back to 2000 B. C. Bovolone became a country of the Holy Roman Empire in 778 A.D. It passed under the power of the Bishop of Verona, of the Dalla Scala Family and the Republic of Venice. Napoleon conquered the territory in 1836.


The gastronomy and wines come from the country tradition, based on poor aliments as polenta, beans rise and pork meat. The tipical dish, the first of all plates, is the "risotto alla veneta". It has an excellent flavour, it is hot, spicy and palatable. It is usually served with red dry wine.

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Classic Forniture's Tradition

An antique art and culture tradition in the wood manufacture for the classic interior decoration. Thanks to the quality of the fornitures that are produced in this village, the area is known like Classic Interior Decoration Centre all over the world.

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(13.117 inhabitants, 41,44 Kmq area, 24 Km from Verona Centre)
Hamlet: Villafontana.

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