Gazzo Veronese

Humans have lived here since the Neolithic Era, and finds dating back to this era are displayed in the small, but well-organised archaeological museum in the town-centre, near the Romanesque church of St. Mary major. In the church you'll find a mosaic pavement, 15th - 16th century frescoes, as well artefacts dating back to the Longobard Era. In the vicinity stands S. Pietro in Monastero, known as "El Ceson" (11th century) and built in the style of the cluny abbeys.


Worthy of note are Palazzo Montanari (15th century, and now the De' Merli restaurants) and the villas of Roncoletta, Altichieri and Guarienti (circa 1600).


In the borough of Gazzo you'll find the "Busatello" marsh-lands, the natural habitat of many protected species. Along the marsh and in the outlying district you'll be able to go for walks as well as cycle.

Our land

Earth and water mixed.

The history...along the Adige.

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