Isola della Scala

An island with nature, art and tastes in the landscape of Verona.

With roman origins, it lies on the Claudia Augusta and it was an important centre in roman times.

In the IX century it has been mentioned like "Isola Nova" and in some documents of 1145 like "Insula Cenensis"; then, under the control of Verona "Isola dei Conti Sanbonifacio" and finally, under the Scaligery power, Isola della Scala.

(10.134 inhabitans, in the area of 69,94 Kmq, 20 km from Verona)
Hamlets: Pellegrina, Tarmassia e Caselle.


Isola della Scala is the village of the "Consorzio per la tutela del Riso Nano Vialone Veronese", Nano Vialone Veronese Rice I.G.P. (Protected Denomination of Origin). Visit the section "Taste & Tradition".

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  • Rice Festival: very important festival during september/october.
  • Bollito con Pearà Festival: during november. 

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