Vigasio is located in the linking street between Mantova and Verona.

The first evidence of population in this village was from Romans. During the XI century it was under the control of S. Zeno Abbey of Verona. The Benedectine monks reclaimed this area. In the 1226 it had its own statutes and in the XV century was under the control of Cà di Campagna vicariate.

(6.352 inhabitants, 30,81 Kmq area, 16 km from Verona center)
Hamlets: Forette ed Isolalta.


  • Church of Vaccaldo
  • Church of Nadalina
  • Church of Salette
  • Campagnamagra Church
  • Corte Vaccaldo
  • Villa Montemezzi
  • Villa Zambonina


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