Within the meaning and for the purposes envisaged in art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30th June 2003, “Personal Data Protection Code”, we point out the following.
1. Data supplied by the visitor also via electronic mail, will be handled, transferred and circulated, also with the aid of electronic media or, in any event, automated means, directly by Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. (hereinafter referred to as “Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl.”) and/or through subjects it has designated or instructed and/or external businesses, that may or may not belong to the same Group, and/or Dealers and Repair technicians working for the Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. network, for purposes connected with the use of the Site and/or supply the services required), for statistical purposes, in order to send out advertising and promotional material relating to products and services supplied by Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. and/or associated companies. (as well as for the execution of the duties provided by the law, rules and EC regulations and/or for the execution of the provisions of public authorities and/or for the development of activities addressed to the prevention or suppression of information technology frauds).

2. The conferment of data by completing the registration form and acceptance of the conditions providing access to the Site will be implied as consent on the part of the visitor to the handling of his personal data for purposes connected with the access in question. The supply of these data is mandatory as they permit the user to gain access correctly to the services required and failure to provide such data or revocation of consent may restrict the continuation of the working relationship between the parties.

3. The use of data for commercial purposes (sending out advertising and promotional material, etc.) is, on the other hand, subject to express consent and their supply by the visitor is optional. Failure to furnish data in this case will not have any effect on the methods adopted to access the services of the Site. Whenever Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. wishes to collect your data for these purposes, the visitor will first be asked whether or not he wishes to give his consent to their being handled.

4. The above-mentioned data, as well as those processed by the parties, will not be transferred or circulated in circumstances other than those envisaged by the law and they will be handled in keeping with the principles of business propriety, legality and transparency, thereby safeguarding the privacy and rights of the visitor.

5. Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. , is the Data Controller, as defined in Legislative Decree no. 196/03, for the handling of personal data, acting through its duly authorised representative pro tempore and is therefore responsible for the fulfilment of all the obligations laid down by the enactment in question.

The Customer may exercise its rights at any time against the Data Controller, in keeping with art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, which, for the sake of clarity is set out in full below: Legislative Decree no. 196/2003:

Art. 7 – Right of access to personal data and other rights

1. The party concerned is entitled to obtain confirmation regarding the existence or otherwise of personal data regarding self, even if such data are not yet registered, and to receive the said data in intelligible form.
2. The party concerned is entitled to receive information regarding:
a) the origin of the personal data;
b) the purposes for which the data are being handled and the methods adopted;
c) the logics applied in the event that the data are handled with the use of electronic equipment;
d) details identifying the data controller, the data processing supervisors and the appointed representative as envisaged in article 5, paragraph 2
e) the subjects or the categories of subject to whom the personal data may be transferred or to whose attention they may be brought in a capacity as appointed representative for the territory of the State in question, as data processing supervisors or data processors.
3. The party concerned is entitled:
a) to have data revised, altered or, when in his or her interests, supplemented;
b) to have data handled in contravention of the law deleted, rendered anonymous or the circulation thereof restricted, including any information which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently handled;
c) to obtain confirmation that the measures referred to in the foregoing paragraphs a) and b), including details thereof, have been brought to the attention of the parties to whom the data have been transferred or disseminated, unless such an obligation proves impossible or would require means which are grossly disproportionate to the rights being protected.
4. The party concerned is entitled to oppose, either in whole or in part:
a) upon legitimate grounds, the handling of personal data regarding self, even if such data are relevant, with regard to the purposes underlying the collection thereof;
b) the handling of personal data regarding self for purposes connected with the sending of advertising material, with direct sales, market research or sales communications.
To exercise the rights described above (art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003), you can write to the address Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. - Via Carducci, 30 37059 Campagnola di Zevio – VR or the mail


(We inform visitors that personal data provided for the Website registration, as well as for the supply of services available through the Website will be treated according to the law by decree n.196 dated 30 June 2003 by Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. We inform also about the fact on this website was published the complete information according to art. 13 od the same law by decree N°196/03. The present Policy provides some explanations related to our cookies and methods for the Protection of Visitors Privacy during use of our Website.)

Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. is committed to respecting your “Privacy.” On this Website Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. collects the personal data you decide to provide and the information obtained with cookies, as better explained below. This Website can also contain links to other websites of Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. or to third party websites, such as those of our retailers, authorised applicators and other subsidiary companies, or to the websites of social media. When you click on the link to the other websites of Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. or of third parties, consider that said websites have their own privacy policies. It must be said that Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. shall not be liable for third party websites.

If you provide personal data to Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl., we shall store and process said information for the purposes specified in the privacy notice. Moreover, to enhance our Website accessibility to users in terms of system performance, usability and supply of useful information about our products and services, we shall automatically store the information on log files on your computer. These include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, type of browser and language setting, operating system, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and date/time of registration.
We shall use this information to ensure efficient Website management, improve knowledge of our Website user categories, analyse trends and collect demographic data on our overall users. The information collected can be used for our marketing and advertising services and communications (e.g., to enhance and improve the user experience by making more attractive offers and special services), in compliance with the laws in force on the subject. When we make use of non-personal data along with personal data, the information in question will be processed as personal data for the entire period during which it is combined.

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What is a “cookie”?
A “cookie” is a small file that generally includes letters and numbers, which we send to the browser file that contains cookies on the hard disk of your computer through our Web server. For instance, it allows our Website to recognise the device of a user once the connection has been created between the Web server and the Web browser. The principal purpose of a cookie is to allow our Web server to present custom-made pages to the user, studied to make the experience of the visit to Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl.'s Website more personal and consistent with the needs of individual users.

What are the cookies used on this Website?
Provincia di Verona –Turismo Srl. can use two types of cookies on this Website:
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There are several online publications on cookies where you can learn more about them. See, for example:

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